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Discourses on the first ten books of Malkavelli

Sep. 14th, 2009 03:49 pm Aion

So, I quit WAR a few weeks back, just wasn't into it.  A great pity, I loved the game, but I just couldn't seem to click with the community.  Ofc 2 server megres didnt help with that, but more importantly lots of my RL friends didnt stick with the game.

Now several of my friends have signed up for Aion, and have persuaded me too as well.  It's not officially released until 25 September but pre-purchasers had access to the open beta which ran for the last week or so.

Initial impressions:-

The game is the lovechild of EQ2, WoW and Guild Wars, some parts are also quite reminiscent of EQ1.
The UI is primitive, but suffices.
The entire gameworld, models everything is utterly beautiful.  Utterly, utterly beautiful.  I can't tell you how gorgeous this game is.  The only thing that spoils it even slightly is the slightly bonkersness/pokemonishness of some of the creatures.  But they still look good, srsly.
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Jul. 24th, 2009 09:25 pm "Cooking"

Wednesday at work on the early shift I got discussing chocolate rice crispies with the other TCs.  Such is the randomness of 7AM at work.  Somehow I came up with the idea of making chocolate weeto fingers using Wispa bar chocolate.  During my lunch break I gave it a go.    I bought a multipack of Wispa bars, a box of Weetos and emptied out my IKEA ice cube thingy.

I also had iphone handy with built in cam.

Wispa bar no 1 melting:-

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Jul. 10th, 2009 01:51 am Mechwarrior rebooted

I have many interests.  Two of the biggest, though, are video games and war games.  The MechWarrior series is pretty much the perfect combination of the two, being a videogame based on the BattleTech wargame.

Half flight-sim, half FPS and half RTS/RPG (yeah they were all big complex games) you play a MechWarrior, basically a fighter pilot of the future, only in the wars of the dystopian 31st century setting the warmachines that matter on the battlefield are 20-100 ton giant robots.  Sounds silly, but somehow and without getting at all manga it works.  The original writers were all WW2 history nerds and made an amazing job of fleshing out a gritty future war of attrition across the whole galaxy with various political powers making and breaking alliances and fighting anything from skirmishes on backwater moons to all out wars over entire star systems.

I can't tell you how many hours I spent playing MW 2, 3 and 4.  MW4 was the game which promted me to buy my first ever headset and install ventrillo so I could talk in realtime with my lancemates.  I joined a US based clan which played in the NetBattleTech league, I used to set my alarm to wake me at 3am GMT so I could practice with stateside gamers for ~2 hours, then log off and sleep again before work at 7am.  Twice a week.  More often when we had matches lined up.  Such was my addiction and dedication to this awesome series.  This was the game which made me step outside of my own room and play games with the wider world.  8 vs 8 organised matches, no less, and sometimes we won!

But it has lain idle for nearly a decade, MW4 "Mercenaries" was the last title release in ~2002 and as awesome and as dedicated as was the playerbase, it still slowly suffered from neglect as the years wore on and even I havnt had it installed on a machine in mebbe 4 years.  NetBattleTech, I beleive, still goes on and fan made patches have been made over the years, adding new mech chassis and weapons, but nothing official or widely released.  Certainly nothing to make use of the improving technology.  When MW4 was released I was playing it on a P2 1.7 with a 16MB graphics card.  And it looked good, for the time.

If you love to hate Microsoft then here's another reason - they bought the licence and from a MW standpoint just let it rot.  There have been other Mech titles, but they were half-assed arcady imitations put out on consoles (yeah, Microsofts X-box), OK in their own way but nothing compared to the real thing.

MW3 is the fans favourite, full customisation on all the chassis, set during the Clan invasion of ~3050 and gritty as hell - it really captured the flavour and feel of the setting as well as the giant robots.  Personally I preferred 4, though, as it was the first game to really see decent online multiplayer play.  There were fewer options for the Mechs but I liked that - the SSRM boats of MW3 just didnt feel like BT at all, and BT was always at it's best when you played with stock Mechs and the same is pretty much true of MW.

I've recently been doing rather well in DemiGod, Gas Powered Games/Stardocks latest offering.  I'm ranked 26th in the world overall and ranked 1 in the world in Skirmishes (one of the play modes) out of, by estimation based on players in the Pantheon League, rather than the 24,000+ names on the ladder, ~1600 regular players online.

The MechWarrior trailer has made me all but forget about DemiGod.

One thing worries me, though - there is no publisher.  The game is not about to be imminently relased, far from it, the "makers" seem as much looking for investment as to build up hype.  This may be the most tragic (for me and other MW fans) peice of vapourware ever.  But I'm still utterly giddy!  In the I/V the makers talk about their knowledge of the setting at the same time I'm watching the featured Mechs in the trailer are utterly recognisable classic BT Mechs in their old-school stock variants - a Warhammer and an Atlas!  The game, if it happens, is going to be set in the halcyon days of the 3rd/4th succession wars, a classic BT period where most of the fun was to be had.


I shant sleep for a week :-(.

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Jun. 25th, 2009 12:31 am Noobcake question

I have taken some screens of Demigod and saved them in Wordpad, how can I extricate these pictures from the word document and/or display them in LJ?

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Jun. 22nd, 2009 01:02 am Leicester

For a coupla months now I've been sneaking up to Leicester for AT-43 tournaments/events.  One bright sunny day a few weeks back I got there an hour early  so went for a wander and found a fountain.  Apparently there is also a Cathedral.
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Jun. 9th, 2009 10:59 pm Uncharted Seas

Picked up the rules and a starter fleet at the brummie UK Games Expo.  (Placed a pitiful 8th out of 10 in the AT-43 tournament, clumsily lost to Jon in the first round and it all went downhill form there.  Statistically I'm due to play an entire tournament without meeting him at all soon, although it won't be the next game in Leicester as that's a big all-against-all match.  Meybe I'll just go loaded for Bearski for that one.)

The Uncharted Seas starter fleet I went for is called the "Dragon Lords", yeah not a hard choice for me.  Their ships are pretty cool as they are more-or-less standard human sailboats but with OMFG DRAGON WINGS instead of sails.  But not just some pants Dragon wings to look like they're flying or some other crappiness but slain dragons having had their wings cut off and turned into (magic as it happens) sails.  So yeah, in this game I'm playing a race of Dragon salyers/tamers (they have an aircraft=carrier like ship with dragon-fighters on board).  Cool.
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May. 30th, 2009 02:02 am Sigmars Crypts are safe...for now.

Very eventful af'noon.  First fun that happened to me today was I got into a oRvR warband taking ass and kicking nameds whihc was woefully short on healers - 3 total out of a full WB of 24.  Perhaps no accident that I placed 1st in the roll-off and won a mahoosive l3wt bag:-

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Eighth Moon, the newest members of the Conclave Alliance, took me along on a Crypt run.  We cleared the zone and got quite a few Sentinels drops but sadly only about 2 were useful upgrades for the classes present.  Anyways, it was a fun outing the highlights are told in SS format:-

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May. 25th, 2009 08:17 pm Talisman skill = 200

This news is nearly a week old, but gonna post it anyway.  Hit 200 skill in Talisman making.  Made my first permanent talisman (+16 toughness) what surprised me though was that it was made out of a skill 1 (purple) fragment.  Well now I suppose I'll have to find a guide to the trade, cos it doesn't work quite like how I thought.

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May. 22nd, 2009 11:44 am Student days finally all behind me

My student loan is finally all paid off.

Completely unrelatedly, this is what I have to walk past to and from work at least twice a day:-

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May. 21st, 2009 10:31 pm Aldorf under seige!

Last night (or was it night before last? I forget) Destro got into Altdorf.  Whoops!  I'm not used to seeing the capital of the empire full of red names:-

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